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So you want to try out the new game mode Mid Wars, but you don't want to lose the game at the pick screen?

Welcome to HoNBlog's Official Strategy Guide for Mid Wars. Mid Wars is a game mode that emphasizes action, constant skirmishes, and lowering the importance of the laning phase.

The game begins in a Blind Ban Mode. At the start, the Blue/Pink player must ban up to 3 heroes in a short amount of time. Failing to pick any heroes will result in random heroes being picked for you. Picking the same hero as the other team will ban that hero, but you do not chose another. There is a tier list of mid wars heroes. Simply put, heroes that emphasize single target damage, do damage over time, are junglers, have pets as their main strategy, or have situational disables are considered bad in mid wars. While Ophelia may be considered a top tier hero in Normal Mode, she is one of the worst heroes to pick in mid wars.

Here is a tier list developed by a forum user.









Now, during the Banning phase, if you happen to be Blue/Pink, you must weigh different things. Should you ban a hero that is excellent in mid wars, or save it in hopes of picking it first before the other team does. Be sure to listen to what your team wants, and to pay attention to heroes that they cannot do well against.

Team composition can vary greatly than Normal Mode. When it comes to what is necessary, at least 1 carry is needed. This will be the hero that will scale or have an ability that lets it be able to deal high consistent damage per second. The rest of the team can be gankers/semi-carrys. You do not necessarily need an abundance of pure supports, as squishy easy targets can work against you when they are easily picked off. Ganker heroes truly shine in this mode. The ability to guarantee a kill is worth a lot in this mode, as gold from kills is your main source of income. In short, go for heroes with wide aoe spells, instant damage, spells that push/pull people, and stuns/disables. The reason I highlighted the aforementioned text is because spells that can displace an enemy into your team gives that hero an almost 100% death rate. It is worthwhile because the base gold bounty for Hero kills is 400 (instead of 200).

When the game starts, you can have your team block the creeps movement. This helps a lot since being in a bad position, even at the start of the game, can get you easily killed. Even if you are the only one who is going to do it, I suggest you do so.

At the first creep wave, things get hectic. You have 10 players trying to either last hit or deny your creeps. For some heroes, especially gankers, it isn't as important to get last hits, since your main income will be hero kills. However, heroes such as Artillery, Flint Beastwood, and Emerald Warden, your presence in the game will depend on how fast you can make your Ghost Marchers/Steam Boots. The reason why is that heroes that rely on auto attacks need to make sure that they can maintain high and constant dps, while at the same time be able to pull off crazy dodges to survive. From my experience, if you can maintain a solid 200 gpm BEFORE THE FIRST KILL IS MADE, then you are doing well.


Be sure to ward the rune spot and one of the ledges of the enemy side. Sometimes, a lucky rune could swing the tide of the fight and grab you blood lust. Warding the ledge is excellent for heroes that have long range spells, such as Devourer.

A core item in this game for every hero is Mana Battery. This item works best in this map because you will be collecting charges from all 5 enemy heroes because of how close you are to them. It is also a life saver at many times, and can give you the necessary mana to finish off an enemy. Try to make this asap.

Another good item to have is Ring of the Teacher. It is cheap enough for 1 player to buy, and excellent in the laning phase. With it, you can make an enemy team's advance hard to accomplish, while at the same time giving extra mana regen to teammates that will always be in the radius.


After a certain point, both teams will be strong enough to be looking to pick off the enemy heroes on the other side. You must coordinate your attacks with your team at all costs. There are too many times when one player lands a good disable on an enemy, but his teammates don't notice it or focus other heroes. When you have the full team with you, disabling an enemy will almost always result in a kill for you. Be sure to take note how the other team responds to this, and be ready to dodge their spells, as they will most likely always land where your target is.

Amassing big amounts of gold will result in being able to buy higher level items quickly. For carrys, you may rush high damaging items, such as Shield Breaker or Savage Mace. Keep in mind that you are also fighting against 5 different players at once, so you must weigh survivablity over damage. If you and your team can ensure that you can safely auto attack, then rushing dps is great. At the same time, if your team is on the losing side, you may want to consider items that nullify damage, such as Shrunken Head.

Be sure to land some sort of damage on structures. This is especially true for towers. On pushes that put you in range of the tower, try to chip as much damage as you can before retreating. The exception is the main base; remember that the enemy base structure regenerates health quickly if not damaged after a while.

Don't be hasty in fights. If you keep giving unnecessary deaths to the other team, they will be able to catch up in levels and gold/items because of the unique map mechanics.

Above all, have fun! Unlike other game modes, mid wars is the least stressful. After playing a game in other modes, you are usually exhausted and stressed out. In mid wars, you go straight to the action and


Here is the list of notable changes made for Mid Wars for the reader's convenience:
- New picking mode to match the quick action ingame. How the mode works:
* 10 seconds of wait time when the game starts
* 20 seconds for 3 Blind Bans per team
* Blind Ban: Blue and Pink players pick 3 heroes that they want to ban. These bans are hidden from the enemy team until the time is up or all bans are used, whichever comes first. Then all bans are revealed. Both teams can ban the same heroes and 'stack' bans. Choose Wisely!
* 10 seconds of wait time before Picks
* 40 seconds of normal All-Pick

- Main Base structures rescaled and redesigned for the Mode
* Regen increased from 3 to 105. Regen is disabled for 10 seconds when damage is taken
* Health lowered from 4250 to 3500

- Zorgath and his creation Transmutanstein return to the map
* Both have had their stats and damage increased significantly. They should pose much more of a challenge now!
* Both now have correct sounds when they attack or die
* Zorgath now drops a new Tablet: The Tablet of Power
* Tablet of Power grants the powers of all 5 other Tablets combined!
* You get 2 Illusions, then all 3 get Double Damage, Haste, Regeneration, and Invisibility.
* Tablet of Power can be bottled
* Transmutanstein now drops two redesigned Tokens of Sight
* Only the team that kills Transmutanstein can see the Tokens of Sight
* When used, grants you a buff that gives 900 radius Clearvision and Truevision
* Clearvision lets you see over trees and cliffs
* Truevision lets you see invisible units such as wards or heroes like Night Hound

I hope everyone can try out this mode a couple of times. As of this writing, HoN is in a 4x Silver Coin Weekend, and this applies for Mid Wars as well. Try out a couple of games with friends, and see how many crazy comboes you can think up of with different heroes.

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