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MidasMidas is a ganker/semi-carry/nuker who has a lot of utility and mobility while being capable of pumping out huge amounts of burst damage. He has also has a heal, a slow and pseudo-blink in addition to his damage and stuns. Although Midas is a strength hero, he is primarily a caster, and needs intelligence items early in the game to support his constant casting. Midas can be a huge menace throughout the entire game, especially if he''s able to get good farm and kills during the early stages.


Notable Midas players include PaintItGold and Dabeliuteef

Midas'' Abilities

golden salvoGolden Salvo '" Midas'' first ability, Golden Salvo, has Midas toss a line of flasks in a line in front of him at 200, 400, 600, 800, and 1000 distance away. The first flask will deal 100/140/180/220 damage and inflict a -10% movement speed debuff. Furthermore, each additional flask will deal an additional 20/40/60/80 damage and 10% more of a move speed debuff for three seconds.

lions prideLion''s Pride- Lion''s pride is a nuke that can heals allies before exploding at a position, where it deals damage to enemies. Recently the healing effect has been nerfed to only 30/60/90/120 health but the damage has stayed consistent, dealing 75/120/165/210 damage. The damage of Lion''s Pride is increased by 15/20/25/30 damage for each ally healed, dealing up to 360 damage to enemies.

elemental warpElemental Warp '" Warp is Midas'' third ability and acts as a damage dealing blink. This ability can allow Midas to teleport up to 700 units away and deals damage in an AoE around Midas both at the start and end of the blink, dealing 80/110/140/170 damage per shockwave.


TransmuteTransmute '" Midas'' ultimate, Transmute, is what allows Midas to stun enemies, while also increasing the potency of all his abilities. When two of his abilities are used in conjunction within a three second window, the enemy is stunned for two seconds and takes 50/100/150 magic damage. Transmute also passively reduces the cooldown of all abilities by 2/4/6 seconds, allowing for more spamming as the game goes on.

When to pick Midas

Midas is an exceptionally strong hero who performs best in a solo role, but can be played with a lane partner, preferably a melee stunner who doesn''t need farm. You should not pick Midas if he can''t be laned in either of these capacities since he needs either early levels or farm, if not both. Midas is a fantastic pick when facing teams that make use of minions (i.e. Ophelia, Keeper of the Forest, Balphagore) since Midas can easily destroy the minions with a combo of Golden Salvo and Lion''s Pride.

What to Buy

Early game/laning phase '" At the beginning of the game I usually buy the two item components of Amulet of Exile (Pretender''s Crown + Mark of the Novice) so that I can buy an early Ring of Sorcery. I also buy one set of runes of the blight, a mana pot and a health potion. If I''m mid lane I''ll immediately

try to get a bottle, followed by regular marchers and then a mana ring to maximize my mana regeneration. If I''m sidelaning I will skip bottle and build a mana-ring directly after buying my marchers so that my partner and I can both spam skills, resulting in early kills. Steamboots are the most common boots pick-up on Midas, although Ghost Marchers are suitable if you want even more mobility.

Mid game '" Midas, like most caster based semi-carries has a variety of items that he can go. Tablet of Command provides strong stats and increased mobility for Midas, while Portal Key can allow Midas to initiate team fights, or pick off squishy heroes. Spellshards are viable to increase his damage output, and reduce his spell cooldowns even more. Nullstone is viable if the other team has a lot of powerful single target spells, while providing Midas with fantastic regeneration and survivability. Stormspirit provides Midas with extra move speed, while allowing him to cyclone himself or an enemy if caught in a bad spot.

Late game '" Sheepstick is one of the best items in the game for Midas since it allows him to cc a target for even longer while offering a ton of intel and mana regen. Behemoth''s Heart increases Midas'' survivability, while contributing to his main stat. Frostwolf Skull is similar to Behemoth''s Heart, offering a massive amount of health while making Midas more of a carry and less of a ganker. Frostfield Plate makes Midas tankier while allowing him to maneuver around in team fights and kite enemies better.

Midas Skill Build

I always start with one level in elemental warp to ensure that I can blink away if I''m caught in a bad position or they try to gank me from the start. After that I prioritize Lion''s pride while getting one point in Golden Salvo early. This allows me to have all three abilities by level six, with the most points in the easier to land damage skill. After maxing out Lion''s Pride I finish leveling Golden Salvo since that combination offers the highest potential damage output. Some people will only level Elemental Warp once since the only thing that changes is damage done, but I feel like the damage from Elemental Warp is important enough to continue leveling it.

Useful Tips

Don''t be afraid to begin a gank by blinking in with Elemental Warp since being so close can greatly improve the accuracy of your other spells, ensuring an easy stun.

Elemental Warp also destroys trees in the areas affected by the shockwave; this can make juking with Warp harder for you and enemies.

Lion''s Pride grants clearvision in an 800 unit radius when cast, use it to spot enemies who blinked into trees

Although Lion''s Pride provides a heal, it won''t heal you unless you portal key into its path.

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